Vacuum Heat Treatment

“METAL HEAT TREATMENT” is one of the established and recognized Heat Treatment Company since last twenty years. Our experse in the Any Metal Hardening, Aluminum Hardening, Gas Carburising, Gas Nitriding, Annealing, Flame Hardening, Carburising, Stress Reveling, Normalizing. We have all above menoned processing under one roof. We will give you consistent quality, sasfactory rates and prompt services. In our one going exercise of connuous development, we now wish to explore possibilies of expand our customer field in various Industries. “METAL HEAT TREATMENT” is dedicated to connual improvements in all facets of its business to provide our customers with the very best in quality processing and heat-treang services. We invite you to tour our facilies and discover how Metal heat treater can exceed your heat treat needs.


• Diameter - 450mm
• Length - 750mm
• 10 - Bar rapid quenching
• Up to 200kg

Vacuum Hardening

Hardening and tempering of steel is a process designed to alter the mechanical properties of a part to fit its intended use.

Solution Treatment & Precipition hardening

Precipitation hardening ( or Age Hardening ) is a heat treatment that results in an overall increase in strength of the material under treatment.

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